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The concentration never exceed a concentration of 3 parts per 1 000 - or 0,3%.
SUPER-WATER® must be introduced into the water after filtered and then mixed bat low speeds.

The hydration should proceed for at least 6 minutes at 20°C.
An auxiliary pump is required to feed the solution of SUPER-WATER® to the high pressure pump (or intensifier). This auxiliary pump must be a positive displacement or a diaphragm unit and NOT centrifugal.

Use filters such as those usually integrated in high-pressure intensifiers.

However please NOTE the filters must be used before the addition of the SUPER-WATER® solution. This is because filters cause "elongational shearing" of macromolecules leading to a reduction in molecular weight and a parallel reduction in effectivness.

Most commonly used concentrations for increasing performance of waterjet cutting,

  • blasting and cleaning are :
    3 parts per 1 000 (0,3 %)
  • and of abrasivejet cutting are :
    2 parts per 1 000 (0,2 %)

Mixing takes place in a buffer tank.

SUPER-WATER® requires 6 minutes ( at 20°C ) for hydration after mixing with the filtered water and before it is used in the high pressure pump or intensifier.

This is usually achieved by using a small holding tank to mix and store the SUPER-WATER® before being used. The tank size depends upon the flow rate of the high pressure pump.

The minimum tank size (gallons) would be 2 to 3 times the pump flow rate in gallons per minute (gpm).

Thus for a 5 gpm pump, holding tank size should be 30 gallons.

The above webside, under GENERAL INFORMATION, details the background and cites 2 reviews and 24 publications on SUPER-WATER®.

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